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Parachilna to Cape Jervis | 1,200 kilometres

Hello, I'm Dani.

Back in 2016, I acquired my environmental degree in Cairns, tropical North Queensland of Australia. Since then I managed to find my way into environmental education teaching young people about turtles, frogs, fish, bugs, snakes, you name it!

Taking a short break from this, I did a summer stint in 2019/20 as an Eco Tour Guide on Kangaroo Island. Working here before, during and post bushfires I experienced a lot of nature, fun and other interesting emotions.

Now, my young adventurous spirit is calling me to do something I thought I could never do alone.

The 10th of August will be my first day of 42 days hiking the 1,200 km Heysen Trail, mostly solo. I want to show myself I can do anything that I set my mind to, and that you can too. 


Find me on Instagram @danielledutschke