How do you organise 6 weeks worth of food for a thru hike?

Food drops.

Every day's worth of food is approximately 1 kg. If I was carrying 5 day's worth of food that's an extra 5 kg I am lugging with every step.

My plan was to carry a maximum of 5 day's worth of food. About every 5 days I will be in a town to pick up a food box I will send out before I start.

Items in the food box will include:

  • 5 x breakfast packs

  • 12 x snacks

  • 5 x lunch packs

  • 5 x dinners

  • 2 x emergency meals

  • Gas

  • Coffee and tea

  • Milk Powder

  • Clothes washing powder

  • Soap

Supporting local businesses along the trail is important to me too. I will purchase common items like toilet paper, batteries and snacks I desire from businesses along the way. Oh, and don't forget I'll be supporting restaurants and pubs by ordering a schnitty, or 10, as well.

Food Drop Locations

  • Hawker

  • Wilmington

  • Crystal Brook

  • Hallett

  • Burra

  • Kapunda

  • Cudlee Creek

  • Mount Compass