Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Today's distance: 20.55 km

TOTAL: 20.55 km

I started crying as soon as I began the trail. It had been months of waiting for this exact moment. My 'happy tears' showed me that it was all worth it 💯.

I couldn’t stop smiling for the first 10 kilometres of walking. If someone had seen me, they would have asked for whatever drug I was on. “Just high on nature” I’d reply. 😝

Most of the day I walked in or alongside creek beds, between two ranges. The ranges were stunning – so tall and rugged. I didn’t expect there to be a native pine woodland here. With pine trees a colour like a frosty Christmas tree I have only seen in American movies 😝.

In the first 5 kilometres I was lost. I couldn’t see the next trail marker so I tried to follow footprints, but they seemed to slowly disappear. I reminded myself to stay calm and follow my logic here. All I had to do was walk between the ranges and I’ll find my way. I walked a few extra kilometres of zig zagging. I kissed the beautiful red trail markers when I found it... Phew!

With my happiness and excitement I didn’t really stop for any breaks. I ended up walking over 20km in about 5 hours. That’s not too bad.

I feel so relieved to be in a special place with only the peaceful sound of birds. This is bliss.

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