Today’s Distance: 32.93 km

Total: 269.99 km

This morning we strolled through Dutchman’s Stern Conversation Park. And by we, I mean that I was blessed with Mum and Dad’s company. Mum would look, take photos of and smell the plants. Dad was sussing out the land, the crops and the bore water; typical farmer.

Dad had a go at using my walking poles, which helped him go uphill and downhill. We couldn’t keep up with his pace now. Once we started walking through farmland Dad was using the walking poles to inspect their wheat crops. You can always find another benefit to walking poles.

Their plan was to join me for the first 14 kilometres. The terrain at the start was hilly. I was so proud of their perseverance. They hardly stopped for morning tea and lunch. The day continued on and their bodies were getting tired. Mum was scraping her feet on the ground, and dad’s knees were aching. Both were asking “Are we there yet?”.

Unlucky for them I had made a mistake. What I actually thought was 14 kilometres, was actually 22! My nearly 60-year-old parents had walked 22 kilometres in 5 hours! Unlucky for me is that I had worn them out so much that they won’t be joining me on my hike for the next few days. Whoops.

When we parted ways, the track went up and up. Once I reached the top I followed the ridge line. To the right I could see far down the western coastline. I could clearly see Port Augusta and down the coast to Point Lowly, where I had only been a few months ago to swim with Cuttlefish.

Travelling down the hill, with a throbbing right knee, I reached Waukarie Creek. I had surpassed exhaustion and was now feeling sleepy. While walking my eyes started to swell and gravity was getting to my eyelids. Only 5 more kilometres to go.

Pushing on, I knew once I reached the end Mum would be waiting for me. Once I got there, there was no one in sight. Damn. I had to continue walking up the road to get service to ring mum. I sent her my GPS location and 20 minutes later she found me laying down on the side of the road, as “one green blob” she said.

After 3 days I finally had a shower. I got to wash my coarse and knotted hair. I felt human once again!

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