Today’s kms: 16.73 km

Total: 286.72 km

The stories of today begin the night before. Severe wind warnings were forecasted for that night and the following day. At midnight I woke up to the tent flapping in the wind. I watched my tent shake, wondering if it’ll hold together. At one point my tent caved in then bounced back again. I got out of my tent to secure it with more ropes and pegs.

Today I began the hike up to Mount Brown to enjoy a view that’s about 950 metres above sea level. Once I reached the top; no view. I could only see about 20 metres ahead. I climbed the platform at the peak of the mountain. A few clouds had cleared and I could just make out Port Augusta in the distance.

Trekking down the hill I followed the red and white Where’s Wally markers. The last marker in sight was upside down and faded. I walked an extra few kilometres here to find the next marker in the thick cloud.

Reached my finishing destination just after lunch. I want to challenge myself and also listen to my body, and today my body was screaming at me so I better listen.

The afternoon was spent with the lovely company of my parents. It is so nice to have your loved ones around.

Quote of the day: “it is what it is”

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