Today’s distance: 22.03 km

Total: 332.73 km

The locals were happy today. They were getting the best rains they have had for a while. With the continuing rains I bunkered down in the morning.

11 am and it was now or never. A few people had mentioned to take a rest day, but I didn’t think today was going to be that day. There was a hut 22 km down so that’s where I could take shelter and keep dry.

The beginning was through farmland. The tracks were soaked and muddy. I was carting around an extra kilo of mud on my shoes, as well as extra twigs and sticks. The track was so slippery I could run and glide on the surface if I was game enough.

From Stony Creek the tracks were like a roller coaster. There’s nothing like climbing 277 floors to get you warm. That’s walking up the Empire State Building 2.7 times!

I reached a creek that was fast flowing. No spots to cross in sight where I could keep my feet from entering the water. I tried at one point to cross, but the log collapsed beneath me and my foot sunk to the bottom. Damn. I ended up walking through the creek, water reaching up to my hips.

I raced to the hut. A few other hikers had the same idea so I spent the night with lovely company. The thunderstorms, rain and wind didn’t seem like a big deal because I had the company of others.

That night was the coldest night on trail so far. I heated a pot of water and put it in my sleeping bag to defrost my freezing, damp body.

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