Today’s distance: 30.06 km

Total: 374.83 km

It’s the small things I appreciate today. The taste of coffee from a ceramic mug. A cooked breakfast. A flushing toilet and warm water to wash my hands. It feels like luxury.

Brenton, who’s place we stayed at last night, has now been dubbed a ‘trail angel’. His generosity of letting two hikers, he has never met before, stay in his home will never be forgotten.

I walked with Redback again today. She is a pure inspiration to me. At 65 years of age she has recently completed some amazing long distance hikes including the Te Araroa in New Zealand (3000 km), the Bibbulmun track in WA (nearly 1000 km) and the Appalachian Trail in the USA (3400 km). She said her body is slowing down but I disagree. I struggle to keep up with her fast pace. Redback, you are truly an amazing lady. You’ve shown me that you can achieve anything no matter what!

The sun finally peeped through after the three days of wooly weather. Making today even better was a relatively flat and smooth track that was easy to navigate. It made it feel like a nice stroll.

We met some hikers who were on their last day of finishing the whole Heysen Trail in sections. Congratulations!

The most interesting sights of the day were the rich green crops. Peas, lupins, wheat and canola were the common ones. We detoured through Murraytown and inspected the immaculately maintained houses and old buildings.

My sister, who is now carrying a baby, hosted a gender reveal party, which I attended via zoom in the afternoon. Knowing our family I was dead set sure it would be a girl. But no way! It’s a boy! Congratulations Loren and Simon. I can’t wait to meet your beautiful boy in December.

Tonight Redback and I decided to camp in a forest. The sun was setting and the scenery looked stunning. I could sleep a happy soul tonight.

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