Today’s distance: 27.95 km

Total: 402.78 km

Today for me was about enjoying the moment.

Walking through Telowie Gorge was a beautiful surprise. The creek was freshly flowing. I stopped for a morning break sitting by the creek savouring a snack. I meandered through the gorge looking at all the flowering plants. Some of them smelt so sweet like lollies.

From the go cart track shelter I walked along the ridge line. Rich green crops to one side and the ocean on another.

The serenity became a beautiful agony. Blessed with ocean views but tortured by walking up and down all of the hills possible!

By the late afternoon I had that ‘glassy eyed’ sensation. I was becoming delirious, my eyes couldn’t focus and I started stumbling. That’s when I realised it would be better for me to stop rather than pushing on to the next campsite. I think I made the right decision here as I watched the sun set over with a view from Port Pirie all the way to Whyalla.

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