Updated: Aug 28, 2020


Today’s distance: 30.50 km

Total: 433.28 km

Today I was motivated by donuts. About a week ago another hiker mentioned that Crystal Brook had the best donuts. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind.

So, today I woke up early. Setting off at 7.30 am I walked at a motivated pace. On my way I met up with another hiker doing the whole Heysen Trail, Sean. We walked together on the clear sunny day and time flew past.

A few hours down the track, Redback caught up with us. We were forming our own ‘trail family’.

The three of us hiked together. Kilometres and kilometres went past as I was lost in great conversation. I’ve got to say, today was the cruisiest day of hiking so far!

Redback and Sean stayed behind at one point to find a lost jacket a few kilometres out of Crystal Brook. I pushed on because I couldn’t stop thinking about this bloody donut!

When I reached Crystal Brook I pitched my tent in record time. I walked to Crystal Brook bakery and got myself a beautiful chocolate donut.

And guess what? I met another hiker doing the whole Heysen Trail. The newly forming trail family enjoyed a meal, or two or three at the pub together.

For me, it’s connecting with people on the hike and sharing the experience with them that has made it super special.

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