Today’s distance: 20.76 km

Total: 454.04 km

News travels fast in small towns. In the morning we were doing our shop, grabbing a coffee and sending postcards. It seemed that if I asked a local business where one of my hiker friends were, they could tell me their whereabouts.

The track here was road, fences and creeks; mostly flat. We knew the section would be easy so we started at 11 am, took lots of breaks and messed around.

I tried to make friends with every horse I passed. They would come up to me but soon leave when they found out I had no food to give.

Tonight I stayed in Hiskey’s hut with the trail family of four. A three room place that used to house a butcher, his wife and six children. The hut had a happy ‘family’ feel to it, which made it feel like home.

The sunset was red tonight and you know what they say, “red sky at night hikers delight”.

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