lToday’s distance: 27.44 km

Total: 481.48 km

The newly forming trail family set off at different times at different paces. It’s nice to connect, but we all have our own trail to walk.

After 3 km I reached Georgetown. Their general store was 110 years old! Out of town was a straight flat road for 5 km. This was a good chance for me to listen to music and sing. Even though some people think this would be a ‘boring’ section, I wanted to embrace it. These easy sections feel like relief.

Walking up the range I felt a big sense of achievement. Walking every day with all my gear in my backpack has built my self confidence. I know that I can rely on myself, and even have a great time while doing it.

Looking in the distance I could see the places I was walking through days ago. Your body can do incredible things if you choose.

When I reached Curnow’s hut we had five hikers staying there! The new addition, Mick, was travelling the opposite direction and hiking 40-something kilometres each day. We all had one thing in common so the conversation never seems to run out!

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