Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Today's distance: 30.22 km

TOTAL: 50.77 km

Started at sunrise to wander up Heysen’s viewpoint. Thanks for the recommendation Joshua West. Sitting on the rocks I watched the light travel down the Heysen Ranges as the sun was rising.

I began the Heysen Trail with another solo hiker, Mel. I liked having her to talk to, so much so that we both missed the trail turn off. We hiked up some steep terrain to Red Hill lookout. This accidental detour added 4 kilometres to the days adventure. Beautiful view though.

Enjoyed lunch at Trezona Campground with an avid bushwalking couple. They shared amazing treks in New Zealand and France. Stop giving me more ideas guys 😝

From Trezona the afternoon could be summed up by “epic views, boring track”. It was a hard slog. I listened to my favourite songs and even tried to sing since no one was around. The landscape I was trekking through was harsh and drought-stricken.

Seeing Wilpena pound in sight all day was a tease. I can’t wait to reach there tomorrow for a shower!

Once I got to Yanyanna I pitched the tent and laid inside. My body was feeling it. Tea, hot chocolate, journaling then sleep at 8 pm.

Lessons learnt today:

  • Even if you aren’t hungry, eat at least every two hours. This gives you energy and takes away the discrete “hangry” feeling building up inside.

  • Push yourself, but not too much. Listen to your body.

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