Today’s distance: 34.05 km

Total: 515.53 km

On days where your motivation is running low, you have to rely on your grit and strength. Today was that day for me.

Waking up with, what felt like, next to nothing sleep and an aching body, I went through my morning routine. Then, it was time to walk. Today was a big 32 kilometre day.

From my first steps I knew today was going to be tough. At one stage I took the wrong turn and added a few extra kilometres to the day. Damn.

For most of the day I was going through the motions. Okay, let’s just put one foot in front of the other. I met other hikers travelling the opposite direction so I enjoyed this as a time to connect and relax.

It was lunch time and I still had 20 kilometres to go. I kept walking knowing my friends and family would be backing each step. I’m not only doing this for me, but to raise money for a cause that’s close to my heart.

The days when it’s tough, is where you grow. I know if I get through this I am going to be a stronger and more resilient person.

I made it to Spalding and was blessed with the company of my hiker family and a friend I made while working in KI.

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