Today’s distance: 28.55 km

Total: 544.08 km

It is so beautiful to be able to share my journey with friends. Today I had friends joining me for the weekend.

When we left Spalding we walked and talked. Time just flew by. The scenery was very similar so we played games.

After 15 kilometres we reached the windy country. We headed up ranges with large wind turbines. They are very appropriately placed.

All afternoon it was windy. It made it hard to have a conversation and even look ahead in the distance.

There was a gentleman who drove up to us on his Quad bike. I was nervous because I thought he was going to tell us we were doing something wrong! But no, he recognised me from Instagram! Great to meet you Jeff Price and thanks for following my adventure.

I wasn’t looking forward to reaching the camp site. Every person I heard from told me to push on from this site; with good reason. The campsite is nestled on top of the range, neighbouring a wind farm. The ground was rocky and hard making it challenging to even secure your tent. We really had no choice but to keep walking as the sun was setting to make camp.

We found what we thought was a protected spot. At about 11 pm that night, Jess’ tent was caving in on top of her. My tent felt like it would parachute off to another country. In the end we had to find big branches to stop our tents flying away. It wasn’t particularly cold but the wind seems to put chills right through you.

Anyway, I survived another wind storm! Well done to the people who chose the locations for the wind turbines. They made a good investment there!

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