Today’s distance: 22.12 km

Total: 566.20 km

No blue skies today. We set off at a cracking pace today to keep ourselves warm. Usually I stop every few hours for a break and some tucker, but not today. Stopping for at least 5 minutes would give me the shivers. Instead we snacked on my friends endless supply of lollies and chocolate.

The terrain was mostly roads and fence lines. The scenery and landscape changed a little, but nothing that gave me the awe inspiring feeling.

We reached Hallett just after lunch time. I had my mind set on booking a room for the night to enjoy a bed, shower and TV. But, the accomodation was limited so I decided to stay in the Hallett Railway hut. I reached the hut disappointed. A stark, cold room with wooden benches to sleep on.

Redback arrived and said there were two other rooms we could get access to with a code. We peeped in those rooms and WOW! There was a fire place, couch, sink and a large dinner table. It was a cosy place to bunker down from the poor weather. This saying has kept true so far “the trail provides when you need it”

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