Today’s distance: 27.45 km

Total: 593.65 km

I’ve cried twice since I started the Heysen Trail. Both times were after saying goodbye to loved ones who joined me on my adventure. When they are with you, you enjoy every moment together. You share the journey and the scenery together. They give you a feeling of home when they are with you.

Then all of a sudden they say goodbye. I’ve spent weeks on my own and been fine. But as soon as loved ones leave I miss the company straight away.

This morning the trail took me along a scenic road out of Hallet, then along fence lines up to Mount Bryan which is 955 m above sea level. From the top I could see so far, maybe even 100 kilometres away.

After a steep decline I crossed the Goyder line and the country changed dramatically. From rich green crops to saltbush and red, hard dirt. The terrain was hard on the feet today.

Walking into Caroona Conservation park was a surprise. The trail took me through a valley with steep hills and sheer rocks either side. There were caves in the rock faces and I wondered what would live inside.

By the end of the day I feel like my normal self again. I do enjoy my own company, but having someone to share your journey with makes it really special.

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