Today’s distance: 37.00 km

Total: 630.65 km

I AM OVER HALF WAY! I have never hiked this far in my life and I still have 600 kilometres to go. I am so proud of how far I have come. I know no matter how hard it gets, the first three weeks has built the strength and confidence in myself to walk to Cape Jervis.

Today I had a song that I couldn’t get out of my head. I would catch myself walking to the beat. When my walking pace slowed down, so did the song. The song went around and around for most of the 9 hour walking day.

The scenery varied with stations and scrub from Caroona to Black Jack Hut. I had a toilet stop at my favourite outdoor dunny so far that featured 360 degree views!

After the hut was steep ranges in station country. Hardly a tree in sight. There was hill after hill in the rugged and dry landscape. I felt that sense of isolation I did when I was hiking through the Flinders Ranges.

After a big day I set up camp at Wandallah Creek. I hoped for an easy walk into Burra tomorrow. I was dreaming for a sleep on a bed and to be back in civilisation for a short while.

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