Today’s distance: 14.79 km

Total: 645.44 km

Let’s start the day from the evening before. I pitched my tent behind a shelter that protected my tent from the wind, or so I thought. At 2 am in the morning there was a sudden wind change. The winded directed into the side of my tent. My tent acted like a sail boat in this wind!

I braved the wind to further secure my tent with all the guide ropes I had, which look like thin pieces of string. Getting back in my tent I listened to the waves of wind gushes that came through. I half fell asleep and dreamt that I was swept away in my tent into the sky.

When I woke at 6 am the wind still continued. I skipped my usual breakfast and cuppa. I was on a mission to get out of the wind immediately.

The trail continued hill after hill again. The wind continued to get stronger and stronger, to the point where it was pushing me backwards. I felt like I wasn’t even going anywhere.

The climbs were steep and my walking poles weren’t able to help as they were being pushed around in the wind. The section of what I thought would be an easy walk, had turned into the hardest section by far.

This was the first time I nearly reached breaking point. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I did have a meltdown because I knew I could get on my feet again.

A few days ago I shared that I’ve cried twice since starting this trail. Well let’s make that three times. The wind tested me physically, mentally and emotionally.

When I arrived in Burra I plonked myself on the couch and didn’t moved for a good few hours. It was nice to have peace and comfort.... with no wind!!

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