Today’s distance: 24.62 km

Total: 670.06 km

Burra was a busy and beautiful town. There were so many options for places to eat. The town was bustling with locals, travelling workers and tourists. I had been to Burra before but I didn’t appreciate the old stone cottages, interesting history and neatness of this place.

So, it was sad to leave but I had to keep moving. Today I was aiming for Worlds End Gorge. A few people had mentioned this as a nice place, and I was interested to hear how it got it’s name.

The trail basically took you on a dirt road the whole way to Worlds End. Walking past crops, cows and sheep along the way.

The walk was mostly flat and easy. I reached the gorge with another hiker, Sean, at about 3 pm. Our biggest decision of the day was where to pitch our tents. Considering the slopes, wind and most importantly, the sunset views.

It felt like there was so much spare time because we reached camp early. Sean and I played cards, talked and joked around.

I listened to an audiobook but I ended up falling asleep at 7 pm then waking up the next day. 11 hours sleep! What an amazing rest.

I still don’t know why they call this place the ‘Worlds End’ though.

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