Today’s distance: 36.55 km

Total: 706.61 km

After an amazing 11 hour sleep I woke up in Worlds End Gorge. The place felt so peaceful and relaxing, despite the screaming goat in the middle of the night.

Today my eyes were on Huppatz Hut which was 20 kilometres away. The walk there went behind the ranges and through the Worlds End Conservation Park. Here I met a Park Ranger who wondered why I was heading in the wrong direction if I was heading to Cape Jervis. I said that the Heysen Trail takes people on the scenic route.

Then I travelled through ranges where I reached a windy, but stunning view of vast cropping country with Huppatz hut in the distance. I reached the hut at lunch time and decided I still had energy to keep going, mostly fuelled by the half a block of chocolate I ate after lunch.

Continuing on the walk, I went across the range and back over again. It was unreal how a few days ago I was in the outback, now I am surrounded by rich green crops.

Tonight I was meeting a friend of my mothers, Linley and her family. She offered to take me up for the night and I couldn’t believe her generosity. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

That night the family cooked up a delicious feast and Linley gave me a Bowen Therapy treatment. It was amazing. Thank you so much Linley, Michael, Hannah and Alex for letting me stay in your home.

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