Today's distance: 31.89 km

Total: 769.38 km

Blessed with another day of Belinda's company, we set off at 7.30 am. In classic fashion we got lost twice in our first hour of walking.

Today I had the choice of walking to Light Hummocks campsite (30 km away) or Kapunda (45 km away). Kapunda was a tempting decision because that's where I could shower, wash my clothes and enjoy a pub meal or two.

Today the scenery looked perfect. Green rolling hills as far as our eyes could see. It's funny how even though the scenery was stunning, I was craving a change for something different.

We had a few incidents today that kept our fast pace going. From walking next to unhappy bulls, to stumbling over electric fences and walking around a property constantly being reminded by a dog not to walk on their side of the fence. I also don't know how many times I've nearly stepped on a lizard! They come out of no where!

We hobbled into Light Hummocks Reserve at 4.00 pm. As much as I would love to be in town, there was no rush. Its better for me to enjoy the walk rather than rush to town without taking in my surroundings.

Thanks Belinda for being my walking buddy. You are an absolute trooper for walking over 60 km over two days! 

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