Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Today's distance: 26.05 km

TOTAL: 76.82 km

Today had its ups and downs. I slightly rolled my ankle twice. I have a pain in one of my knees making any downhill slope painful. I reminded myself that this pain is temporary. If we look after ourselves to get through the tough times we will be stronger and better people. If we stay positive good things will come.

Trekked up and down hills in the morning with stunning 360 degree views. Even though I was itching to reach Wilpena Pound, I walked up Bunyeroo Lookout. Had a coffee with a view here. Life was sweet.

It was drizzling most of the day. It was super cool to see misty ranges in the distance (which was way further than it looked). The birds seemed happy too it was raining..

I caught up with a school friend, Chad Freak, on my way. Thanks for the chat! Can't even remember the last time I saw you?

Arrived at Wilpena Pound in the mid afternoon for beers, chips and wifi. It feels like I'm back in 'civilisation'.

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