Today's distance: 31.48 km Total: 800.86 km

What I am loving about this hike is that you can walk as much or as little as you choose. You can be flexible with your plans depending on the day and how you feel. The morning was an 11 km walk to Kapunda. It was an easy walk I wish I had when I walked into Burra (instead that was towering ranges and competing with strong headwinds).

Kapunda is a special place to me. It's a place where my mum's ancestors lived. The town had beautiful stone cottages that looked like my dream home. The buildings in the main street are old and grand. This town has a happy and peaceful feel.

With temperatures today reaching 30 degrees, I cooled my body down with about 2 litres of fresh orange juice. My original plan was to stay in town, but I decided to walk to Greenock. On the way I seen a person I thought was sketchy. Reaching for my walking poles.. Hang on. Where are they? Damn. I left my walking poles back in Kapunda.

Backtracking back to Kapunda is a challenging thing to do for your mind and body. I decided to keep going in the hope that I could figure something out, and voila! Another hiker travelling the opposite direction was able to pick them up and drive them to Greenock which is where they were staying too. That was lucky.

In today's heat I took plenty of rest breaks and drank copious amounts of water. I laid in the grass knowing that I was in no pressure or rush to reach Greenock.

When I arrived in Greenock, the old buildings blew me away again. They were the highlight of my walk today. 

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