Today's distance: 12.80 km

Total: 813.66 km

A trail of mostly road walking. Myself and a dear friend joined for half the way. We watched and appreciated the birds from Parrots (including my favourite, Rosellas) to swooping Magpies and laughing Kookaburras. The birds were so active and busy.

When I reached town I spent half the day wondering around Tanunda (yep, this included more walking!). I love town days. It's a chance to be around the buzzing energy of people, do your washing and eat food you having been dreaming about for days; literally. So, the first thing I did here was head to the laundromat to wash my clothes, and while I was waiting I ate fresh fruit and watched my favourite comedian, Ali Wong. I felt content.

Staying at a hotel tonight felt like pure luxury. A big comfy mattress, crisp clean sheets and a big shower. Pure bliss.

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