Today's distance: 30.02 km Total: 843.68 km

With a revived sense of energy, I left Tanunda and headed toward Bethany, then up the range. Following the ridge line the track lead me to Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park. There were gums, yaccas and lots of flowering wattles and wildflowers.

With the end near I had to prepare myself for what is coming up after the hike. My Heysen Trail life that I have lived and loved will soon be coming to an end. I thought about new habbits and hobbies that will ease me back into 'normal' life. One of those definitely includes enjoying more sunrises and sunsets.

Entering Mount Crawford the last piece of the day was climbing the Mount Crawford summit. With tall gums at the top of the hill it was hard to see the views.

Meandering down the summit, I reached camp at Centennial Drive campground. I pitched my tent next to the thick pines, feeling grateful I wasn't camping inside that dark and eerie forest. 

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