Today's distance: 24.21 km Total: 867.80 km

I had a 'wow' moment when I hiked to the top of the hill leaving Mount Crawford. It was hard to believe that the previous scenery was outback, hills and no person or vehicle in sight. Now at the top of a summit I could see houses, highways, cars, towns and... Adelaide! Wow.

Walking through the hills I passed a number of people. A few short chats, hellos and weird looks from people didn't satisfy my need for human connection. I am so close to civilisation but I feel lonely.

Walking through Warren George the trail was my favourite billy goat track. The best trails are ones that you can only access by walking it. It feels so worthwhile that way.

Walking through farmlamd again felt like I was at Wilmington. The trail was a roller-coaster of up and down. The only thing different is that my legs felt more prepared for this.

When I camped near Kersbrook I felt like I missed the dead silence at night. There was so much happening around me that I could hear, making it harder to sleep.

FUNDRAISER UPDATE Less that 3,000 to go until we can buy the van. Thanks to those who have already donated ❤️

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