Today's distance: 30.21 km

Total: 992.42 km

Today I was surrounded by the contagious buzzing energy of work friends Talia, Amy, Sylvia and Eilidh.

Their knowledge and ability to identify the orchids was impressive, as they spotted orchid after orchid in the forest. It was great to be surrounded by their passion and knowledge about the environment. I loved listening and talking about orchids, plants, birds and frogs.

Somewhere along the track an inch ant managed to crawl up to my wrist and give me a nasty kiss. It was a temporary pain that I didn't realise would lead to me incessantly itching for the next few days.

Parting at Kyeema Conservation Park, my work friends wished me all the best. They left at a great time with the track being on mostly roads until Mount Magnificent. Along the road, Greg and Narelle Turner were able to track me down, say hello and feed me chocolate. Tarryn, Kyron, Rhianna and friends experienced part of the Heysen Trail which I hope inspires them to go bushwalking.

Talia met up with me again to find camp for the night. In this moment I felt grateful to be surrounded by positive and like minded people.

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