Todays distance: 41.69 km

Total: 1034.11 km

Today marks the day I have walked over 1,000 kilometres, with an accidental 40 km day (which I will cover later).

The day started before sunrise as Talia and I began at 5.30 am trekking up Mount Magnificent all in the name to watch a sunrise.

When we reached the peak the sky was highlighter pink, with the first views of the lower lakes and southern ocean on the trail. I couldn't have wished for anything better.

Later we continued on to meet Charlie McMillan, a local adventurer who discovered me by an article in the Victor Times. Charlie shared her adventures including her mission to walk along the whole coastline of the Fleurieu.

The plan on my itinerary was to relax in Mount Compass, but instead I did my essential jobs and continued on. Charlie and I made it to farmland where we could see Mount Compass on the right and Victor Harbor on the left.

From Mount Cone the Heysen Trail look us the long way around via a dirt road to Yulti Conservation Park. Yulti was a special place to Charlie which I can see why. The landscape was steep and rocky with a high diversity of precious flowering plants. Charlie said this was a place some locals went to train for the Kokoda.

Exitting Yulti, Charlie and I parted ways as I continued up the dirt road to Heysens Rest. For the last week my GPS had not been able to accurately identify my location, so when I calculated that today would be 36 km, it turned out to be nearly 42 km!

The sun had set, and at 6.30 pm I was still walking. The trail markers were getting harder and harder to spot. But, miracles do happen! The owner of Heysens Rest, Jane, rang and offered to pick me up. Showing me my room she asked me about my fundraiser. When I explained how I was fundriasing to provide safe transport to vulnerable kids in Uganda she said I could put the cost of accommodation to my fundraiser instead. The generosity and kindness of people along the way continues to blow me away. Thank you Jane and Greg 💕

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