Today's distance: 33.18 km TOTAL: 110 km

Each morning I usually wake up to the magpies that call just before sunrise. Instead today I woke up at 3 am to the sound of rain. The ground was so damp water had started seeping up into my tent. That wasn't why there was a puddle in my tent, though. 1.25L from my not-quite-closed water bottle spilt everywhere. Whoops! I can only blame myself here.

Today's hike was the most rewarding and challenging so far. The tracks were narrow, steep and rocky. The views at the top of bridle gap were vast. I could see Wilpena Pound from where I came to Red Ranges, my next camp. I spent an hour here drying out my tent and having lunch.

I had only done 10 km by lunch time. I still had about 20 km to go! There were tracks on the side of steep hills which were precarious. They were slippery after the rain, so I took this section slow as that would've been a long fall if I slipped.

No other hikers were around after Bridle Gap. Only a few sheep were there walking with me. The afternoon was long. I made it to Red Range camp in the dark at 6.30 pm. Here, the wind was eerie and the pine trees were creaking. That didn't matter though because when I laid down I went out like a light.

I realised this was my first night camping with no one else around, and it was my best sleep so far.

P.S walked up lots of hills for reception to get this one out there. Hope you love it

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