Today's distance: 39.52 km Total: 1086.44 km

Yesterday I hadn't walked as far as planned, so today I had to make up that distance to reach Waitpinga. Normally, I would not bother to stick to plan but I had to keep a promise to a friend who I was meeting at Waitpinga campground.

On roads and farms for most of the morning. As I got closer to the ocean I could smell the sea breeze and hear the waves. New motivation kept my legs going until I got to King's Head Beach.

A day I had been looking forward to since the start was a swim in the ocean. And now this was my first opportunity. When I jumped in I forgot how freezing the ocean was! The swim made me feel fresh and ready to keep going.

I walked barefoot for a while to make sure my feet were completely dry. Soon after I found myself walking along the Waitpinga. Ocean mist crawled up the sheer cliffs of Waitpinga. It was a beautiful trail.

The experience turned into a beautiful agony. I was clocking up the kilometres and my mind couldn't stop focusing on getting to camp. The familiar feeling of exhaustion came on, but I kept going. My lack of energy took me through a whirlwind of emotions on the last stretch from annoyed to angry, then upset to 'completely over it'. I was super grateful no one else was around so I could let everything out.

At 5.30 pm I finally got to the campground. Thank god the walking day was over. And thank god for the company of friends.

Later that night Dani Brown popped by. Dani is on the back end of her ration challenge only eating rice and beans. She still managed to pick me up delicious smelling takeaway food. Thanks Dani!

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