Today's distance: 23.97 km

Total: 1,133.94 km

Today we were purely ladies of leisure. Squeezing the most out of the warm sunshine, we strolled along and soaked up the views of beaches and rugged coastlines.

It was special to me to see views of Kangaroo Island for most of the day. This island will be my summer home once I finish this adventure. I can't wait to live the island lifestyle once again.

Dipping in the Deep Creek waterfall cooled our bodies down. We then laid on the warm rocks, boiled up cups of tea and basked in the sun like goannas.

The trail continued with epic views of the steep rocky terrain with the ocean in the distance. In the space of 20 metres Sophie spotted about 6 different Orchids. The native plants here were so diverse.

We hiked into Eagle Waterhole camp. This was my last night of the Heysen Trail. I wrote in the final Heysen Trail logbook, and read the notes of other hikers. A beautiful ending to my final night with the great company of Sophie.


Less than $1k to go until we can get the van. We are so close to the dream. If you can spare a few bucks please check out my cause ❤️

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