Today's distance: 19.03 km

Total: 1,152.57 km


What an epic adventure that built my inner strength, determination, confidence and passion for the outdoors. I will never forget the days of being alone, the captivating scenery, the trail family, the crazy wind storms and the beautiful agony of pack hiking.

At the beginning of the trail I had never camped on my own. Now I would feel confident to go on a solo adventure, while also being aware and keeping my wits about me. Going solo tuned me into my intuition, where I could sense if something felt right or wrong. And when I finished the trail today it definitely felt right.

I was grateful for the time I spent alone where I relied on myself to survive, and even enjoy it. The most memorable times, though, were with friends and family. They showed their support by walking alongside me, sending me love and encouragement, and donating to my cause. Thank you beautiful people ❤️

A big lesson I wanted to learn was being happy alone. But, I think the biggest lesson I learnt was the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, fun, caring and supportive people. I know I can do things alone, but it's a whole lot more fun sharing a journey with someone else.

Never on my adventure did I think about giving up. I knew there was no where else I'd rather be. There was always something beautiful in every day, I just had to be present to notice it.

Now, here I am at Cape Jervis with a final wind storm to complete the Heysen Trail. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing.


The fundraiser closes on the 30 September so don’t forget to donate 💕

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