Today's distance: 22.03 km

TOTAL: 149.26 km

There's some things I'm not bothered by. Like finding a spider in my coffee or getting dirt in my water, feeling the dirt crunch in my teeth. But, what I haven't gotten used to is stuffing my tent in its bag when it's wet. I guess there'll be plenty more dewy mornings to learn to live with it.

Today I had my sights set on Hawker. The morning was easy walking, meandering through Wonoka Creek and station country. The station homesteads set amongst the ranges looked incredible.

My spirits, already high, were lifted by messages from everyone. The messages and comments on my updates were supportive and beautiful. You don't know how much this means to me. It made walking seem like a breeze knowing people cared about me and were thinking of me. Thank you, thank you, thank you 💕

Crossing a bitumen road, which I hadn't seen one of those for six days, I walked up Yourambulla Ranges. Wow. The ranges were rich in life. Colourful and nice smelling flowers, which smelt way better then me 😅. You can either choose to walk through the range or go via Hawker on an alternate route. I was recommended to walk this way and I am so glad I did!

There was a particular spot here near the top of Jarvis Hill that felt special and sacred. I felt lucky to be here.

I walked off the main tail to get to Hawker. I caught my first hitchhike into town! This saved me about 7 km of walking on a dirt road. The people were nice, but I felt bad for them because I was dirty. That's the life of a hiker I guess..

I feel a bit 'hardcore' walking through the desert, stations and ranges, with no one else around. It was just me and my backpack.

Made it to Hawker for a food resupply, overdue shower and the pub. Had tea with Bec and her lovely parents. It was nice to share our highlights and challenges.. I hadn't had a proper conversations with anyone for a couple days, so thanks for that 🙌

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