Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Today’s distance: 22.05 km

TOTAL: 209.43 km

No magpie calls could wake me today. Slept in until 6.45 am. I think I needed some extra rest.

More fence line following along the Buckeringa Wildlife Reserve. After 10 km of this, I walked between the ranges. And, oh my god! A Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby was feeding nearby. Their tails have black stripes and are thick for extra balance. Their feet are yellow/orange with similar coloured arms. They also look like they wear sunglasses.

The trail then traverses up and down hill slopes to eventually make its way up Mount Arden. The country gets steeper and steeper hills as I go along. I keep thinking I have made it to the top of Mount Arden, only to see another mountain ahead of me in the distance. I feel like I’ve done Mount Lofty four times over.

Using my walking poles, which I now can’t go without, I nearly spear a Shingleback Lizard through the head. It didn’t even move (but I can confirm it was alive).

When I reached the top of Mount Arden the view was vast. I could see Port Augusta and Quorn. Oh what I would do to take a dip in the ocean right now! I was glad to get some service at the top to relieve some loneliness I’m feeling.

A few kilometres down the hill was the Mount Arden campsite. It was before sunset too. You beauty!

The campsite was set in a valley. It was green and fresh, something I haven’t seen yet. I made myself at home. A fire feels like home to me but the fire wood was too damp.

That night was the coldest night yet. The cold air was rising from the ground into my body. I thought it was going to be a long night of shivering. I ended up tucking in my sleeping bag tight around my body, and slept like a pencil to trap my body heat it. I fell asleep so it must’ve worked.

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