Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Today’s distance: 27.63 km

Total: 237. 06 km

Today I trekked through valleys, desert, gorges and hills. I can’t believe how much the beautiful country can change in a walking day.

The morning was in a gorge, with tall 50 metre cliffs either side. No amount of stings from the spinifex grass or yacca leaves could put me in a bad mood.

There were some challenging sections down the creek. At one point there was a 5 metre drop down a dry waterfall. I slid my hiking poles to the bottom, took off my pack and slid down on my bottom slowly. At the start I was nervous, but it turned out to be fun.

Walking on rocky creek beds for days and days does get tiring. I was glad to reach flat station country again. I was reading a blog post of another person who did this section and they wrote that this part “did their head in” 😂

Walking on the flat plains I turned into a moody teenager. I had my jacket, hoodie and sunglasses on, with music blasting in my ears. It was windy and rain looked like it was coming. I don’t much like the wind, so this section was ‘heads down, bums up’.

Reached Dutchman’s Stern Conservation Park. A park I’ve never heard of. Walking around hill slopes I found myself trekking in another creek bed! A few more challenging sections here. I don’t hike anything that seems too dangerous because there’s always another way.

Walking on a dirt track again felt like bliss for my feet, ankles and soul. The Dutchman’s Stern rock looked incredible in the afternoon light. This is definitely a place I’d like to return to.

I reached my fanciest accomodation yet at Dutchman’s hut. Running water, power, a kettle and flushing toilets! I cannot wait to spend the night with my parents. I’m in need of a hug and kiss.

My parents ended up picking me up to stay at Quorn Caravan Park because they couldn’t camp at Dutchman’s Hut. No showers and toilets open at the caravan part, I guess I’ll have to wait another day to be clean.

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