A week after my hike, and I am already missing the simple lifestyle of eating, walking, listening to the birds and taking in the views of SA.

My adjustment back into "normal life" hasn't been smooth sailing. My relaxed brain has been shocked into a busy lifestyle. I had one day's rest then I ran errands in Adelaide, visited friends and packed up my belongings to move to Kangaroo Island for the summer.

I noticed my brain is trying to fill every minute with something to do. But, I remind myself to take in my surroundings and enjoy doing "nothing" sometimes.

Now living on Kangaroo Island, I wake up each morning to watch the sun rise over Vivonne Bay. We have some resident Wallabies that come to feed at the front of my place. This fighting male wallaby has half a lip, which we have named Greg.

So I think my key learning lesson this past week is to slow down, allow time to just to do "nothing" and be kind to myself as I try to get back into working again.